Diego 8 Month Baby Portrait Session

Diego’s 8 month portrait baby session. El Paso, TX Photography by Marcos & Elba Martinez – Wedding & Portrait Xpressions Photography – www.WeddingXpressions….
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18 Responses to Diego 8 Month Baby Portrait Session

  1. photer S says:

    Very beautiful baby girl! :))

  2. Osiris Gonzalez says:

    Great Session!

  3. Stephen Lewis says:

    how did you diffuse the sunlight in those shots in the grassy field? or was it overcast?

  4. Kim Groenendal says:

    wow very good 🙂

  5. King Ian David says:

    Nice pictures and location

  6. ShoutForJesus says:

    I’m 13 and I’m trying to do the same. Type into the search box “How to take photos of children” I’ve only found one so far and it was pretty good.

  7. craftystuffz101 says:

    omg im 12 and i do photography with my Kodak and i luv it!

  8. jarrettk99 says:

    I’m different then most 12 year-olds my age… I actually do photography with my Nikon D3100 🙂

    I’m trying to find different child photographers but it’s always children in front of the camera. I stand behind it. Any tips that I could use?

  9. Rodrigo Sabbatini says:



  10. Mike Azzra says:

    Great vid?

  11. llmcgrath07 says:

    These Images are Absolutely Amazing – So many wonderful images during you’re session. A few of them showed me his personality so intensely – I so enjoyed – thank you for sharing

  12. Daniela M. says:

    he is just too cute…so precious =)…love the dimples

  13. socrammtz says:

    These photos are by Portrait Xpressions.

  14. bmwm5man5 says:

    Amazing shots & spectacular kid with mind blazing background score.. Great memory to preserve for life time..!!!!!!!!!!

  15. ice lilly says:

    lovely :o)

  16. Harun Rashid says:

    Lovely picture, did you take your self or photographer?

  17. Sri Surya Photography says:

    Pretty nice and nice song. You have capture some nice moments.

  18. ticainoh says:

    Just precious! I have a 8 months old baby girl.

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