David McLain: How to take the best landscape and nature photography

David McLain: How to take the best landscape and nature photography

Professional Photographer, David McLain, provides tips for capturing great landscape and nature photography. You’ll be shooting like a pro in no time!

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13 Responses to David McLain: How to take the best landscape and nature photography

  1. Richard Pennells says:

    I think even though its basically a big hint at buying an NEX camera in
    this video there are some tips on photographing nature and landscape that
    are pretty relevant and simply explained

  2. Amery Drage says:

    What model NEX does he have in the video? 🙂

  3. Ryan Jordan says:

    Don’t delete my comment fag!

  4. SonyListens says:

    Hi xx840, We’re glad you found this video helpful. Please let us know if
    you need any assistance with your camera. We’d be happy to help 🙂 ~ Sarah

  5. G Pierson says:

    Rule of thirds works best if you divide both vertically and horizontal,
    you’ll have what looks like a tic-tac-toe pattern, then have your focal
    point on one of the 4 spots where the lines intersect. most digital cameras
    now have this as a grid display option.

  6. SonyListens says:

    Hi northernflyer5t, I apologize but due to how long ago this video was
    recorded, we’re not able to get a hold of that information. We hope you
    understand. Thank you! -Amanda M

  7. Kaushal Shukla says:

    It was very usefull, I just got new will try out those things!!!

  8. SonyListens says:

    Thanks for sharing. We love to hear from our customers.

  9. Nicholas Shorter says:

    thank you for this, i took a lot of notes and replayed the video several
    times when listening to this.

  10. SonyListens says:

    Hello tylo38, That is great news, we do hope you enjoy your new camera! =)
    -Amanda Maffei Sony Support USA

  11. tylo38 says:

    So excited! Mine will be at my doorstep tomorrow!

  12. northernflyer5t says:

    im curious… what lens did you put on right after the 16mm?

  13. Ryan Jordan says:

    Issue a fee waiver or recall for Sony’s faulty PS3s. Sony sucks Nikon all
    the way. Way better company than Sony. David McLain tell those fags at Sony
    to issue a fee waiver or recall for their faulty PS3 consoles.

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