Creating Photographs: Group Photos I created this beach wedding photo a few years back and had a few point…
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  1. Manish Lama says:

    I have 50mm f1.4 lens so what setting should I prefare for group
    photography help plz!

  2. Bernie Hunt says:

    I read Outliers, and just completely disagree on the 10,000 hours. I
    believe you are limiting yourself by trying to attain that before you
    believe you can be the best. Just believe in yourself, and yes, as Greg
    always says, keep shooting… Keep shooting, and keep getting better.. I
    have 40 years in photography and may not be as good as “say” Senior
    portraits as someone doing those for one year. Don’t complicate this…
    Just keep shooting and getting better each day. Never get yourself hung up
    on a number… especially 10,000 hours. Should I ask my Dentist, Doctor, or
    Lawyer if they’ve practiced 10,000 hours before I fully trust their
    services? Outliers was hung up on statistics. In my experience as a
    business analyst, I’ve learned that liars can figure and figures can lie.
    Just believe in yourself, and keep shooting… And enjoy!

  3. Gregory Cazillo says:

    Time for another Creating Photographs video! Little bit of posing little
    bit of exposure knowledge

    Creating Photographs: Group Photos

  4. Kenny Miller says:

    Is 35mm a decent focal length for a group photo of about 20 people?

  5. johnarroyo29 says:

    thanks, my on-line photog teacher (“,). more Power!

  6. soccergoaliegk1 says:

    you said you were switching lenses, which one did you use for the shot

  7. Gregory Cazillo says:

    Sometimes, especially if I am using my 70-200.

  8. MrEphi123 says:

    hi greg, how you get everybody in a group focused sharply w/o blurring
    others? if i put my aperture on higher number, am i compromising the skin
    tones? thanks

  9. zoolook888 says:

    Greg, It would be great to see you document the shooting of a wedding start
    to finish sometime. Thanks Bob (Belfast)

  10. Gregory Cazillo says:

    Sounds like you need to edit them in photoshop. Key will be getting
    consistent photos that ‘look’ like they belong together.

  11. AlecWub says:

    How about a video on image rights? Like copyright on the photographers
    pictures and how I can use the pictures of a model (like show in a video,
    put on website, sell them etc), if I need their approval, how >they< can use it etc... Might be straight forward but for some it isn't. Just a suggestion.

  12. Gregory Cazillo says:

    use a smaller aperture like f 5.6 or 8.

  13. Gregory Cazillo says:

    If the action is happening too quickly or manual is not giving you accurate
    results you should check your metering mode and then consider aperture
    priority. I almost never use shutter priority though…

  14. rifat2u says:

    hey it is really a complete video…thanx a bunch. well i have a question:
    I have a 60d and a 50mm f1.4 when I try to get a group shot (having more
    than 3 people) focusing on the eyes of the person standing in the middle
    and having aperture of f4 and metering mode was evaluative but I still
    sometimes get blurry portrait of the persons standing at the corners… can
    you tell me how to get all of them in focus and get a nice and sharp group
    shot. thank you.

  15. isanabria79 says:

    “Waaaa I got a short answer the first time…..waaaa” Howard Stern fan? lol
    Great video as always. I’m going to take pictures of my friends wedding at
    the park and this video helped out a lot. Keep up the good work.

  16. Gregory Cazillo says:

    It wasn’t meant as a “smart ass reply”, rather the real answer I would have
    given anyone. Lens choice always comes down to what you want to create or
    at least it should.

  17. soccergoaliegk1 says:

    thanks,lol, it must have not registered. keep up the great work!

  18. MrTanker10a says:

    You cannot ask for anymore of a straight forward video than that. Thanks
    for the video and keep them coming and I will continue to watch and
    practicing these techniques…Cheers!

  19. Gregory Cazillo says:

    10000 hours @ 40/hours week, full time.

  20. Gregory Cazillo says:

    Depends on what I want to create.

  21. Star Muhammad says:

    Although you just focused on the bride and groom, in most group photos,
    should one set the camera to use all the focus points?

  22. matey182 says:

    Great video Greg, I think you covered some great areas to pay attention to
    when shooting this type of image. Much like AlecWub’s comment, I too would
    like to see a video concentrating on “image rights”, watermarking your
    images and also what sort of path you have to take if you discover your
    images are being used without your permission and what related services are
    on offer. Keep up the great videos, I find the information very informative
    and useful for real world shooting.

  23. Gregory Cazillo says:

    Anytime. My goal is to keep it positive and insightful, keeping away the
    trolls and haters. Thanks for noticing!

  24. Gregory Cazillo says:

    No filters, experience! It was later in the day and I had the sun to my
    back which will give you a blue sky.

  25. Snakekilla12 says:

    how did you get the sky and subjects with proper exposure did you use ND

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