Concert Photography- Opinions & Tips?

Question by JAW: Concert Photography- Opinions & Tips?
I took my DSLR (which at the time was a Pentax K-x with kit lens) to a crazy upbeat concert last August for the first time and came away with some decent (in my opinion) photos.

A few are located here —>
If you could please give me your opinions and constructive criticism, it would be greatly appreciated. (and yes, I am already aware that the guitar in “12” got cut off…)

I will be seeing the same band again toward the end of July and would appreciate any tips that you guys may have.

(over the course of this year, I feel that I have learned a lot about handling a DSLR and photography in general, but still, a concert is not typical everyday shooting and it will be my second stab at shooting a fast low-light event. Since last year, my kit has also grown to accommodate a 40mm 2.8, 55mm 1.4, and 50-135mm 2.8, which I should find useful in this shooting situation)

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