Canon 7D for Beginners Optimal Setup by Vitamirus

Ever finished a shoot and found you had the wrong settings on the camera? Here I show an optimal setup I use on the Canon 7D. Always good to do a quick 1,2,3…
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25 Responses to Canon 7D for Beginners Optimal Setup by Vitamirus

  1. Richard Lim says:

    How did you get your ISO down to 100 on the 7D? ISO 200 is the lowest i
    can go on mine.

  2. drebo699 says:

    australian !!!!!!!!

  3. ThinkFilmProductions says:


  4. tarek ziedan says:

    great gear bro !!

  5. RoBBim says:

    @sim2lew me too ;D

  6. John P Aguirre says:

    Your BG music is too loud

  7. Mer L says:

    HI plzzzz Help meeeee lol I know sometimes I’m drama queen lol, plzzz if
    someone can help me I’m having trouble. How can I import pictures from
    Canon 7D to my lapto (Mac) plzz I connected the Usb but I don’t why it
    doesn’t show me nothing 🙁 hellpppppp

  8. BrandonKingVloggin says:

    But don’t forget how old it is too 🙂 It’s actually still a decent camera.
    People still use Nikon D100s as their main body, so why not a 10D. But a
    10D is nowhere near the 7D’s abilities, of course.

  9. Vitamirus says:

    Yeah you are probably right. I think with today’s photo editing software
    like iPhoto, Aperture & Lightroom – shoot in RAW make the most sense. But I
    hear you. If you want to shoot happy snaps ready to share off the camera
    then shoot JPG.

  10. Bluerocklobster says:

    @sim2lew Nice that you had that option. Most people don’t.

  11. Mike Reynolds says:

    can anyone tell me what the backround songmusic is on the video? Thanks

  12. gewooneerlijk says:

    I use this crap lens nikkor 18 105mm it says it,s a bad lens in low light
    situations it,s slow and not sharp for portrait The only problem why my
    pictures isn,t sharp in low light is because the lens which I use I always
    use higher iso if I shoot in dark places or in the night maybe prime lens
    would make my portrait pictures low light I only use videolamp at
    at dark places for video recording I have a flash on my D700 do I need to
    buy another Flash.? Thanks

  13. Vitamirus says:

    I don’t know. Where do you see that?

  14. John Rizzi says:

    Thanks! Nice run through on the 7d… rich beginner here and just bought a
    7d body. Not a beginner to photography though. 12 years since I sold my
    rz67. Dont buy crap its a waste of money. Upgrades are expensive.;-)

  15. ThinkFilmProductions says:

    im sure its not that great of a camera either.

  16. Vitamirus says:

    Background music is a simple creation from Garage Band.

  17. ThinkFilmProductions says:

    you really spely hey, h3y? shut the fuck up

  18. Giant Angry Robot says:

    even so called “entry level” dslr’s like the nikon d3200 or canon t3i are
    capable of professional looking results in good conditions. The pro cameras
    differentiate by being either more specialized or just working better in a
    variety of different situation like low light or having higher burst rates
    for capturing action sports or wildlife. Most of the cameras deemed pro are
    also a full frame sensor which is roughly 40% larger than a crop sensor
    found on entry to prosumer level dslrs.

  19. gewooneerlijk says:

    Hi I have some question about the nikon d7000 and the canon eos 7d are this
    photo camera advanched amateur level or pro level camera. Is it possible to
    shoot with the nikon d7000 in professional quality pictures. what,s
    actually the difference between pro and amateur camera is that the image

  20. Vitamirus says:

    Yes good catch. Thanks for the correction.

  21. Mer L says:

    Thanks 🙂

  22. Vitamirus says:

    I’ll leave it to others to comment on the D7000. I’d call the 7D a prosumer

  23. Chris Andonoski says:

    @MrXalan so after this comment canon 1000D cant autofocus by pressing the
    half way of the hsutter button?

  24. 421578danny says:

    this video is a setup!! for beginners

  25. PIXELFLUX says:

    2:05 – 2 stops from F/2.8 would be F/5.6, not F/3.5 (which actually is 2/3
    of a stop from F/2.8)

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