Canon 650d Slow Shutter Speed Test Shots

I’ll put links here for download once I have them! Links to pics Music by: http:/…

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24 Responses to Canon 650d Slow Shutter Speed Test Shots

  1. _Teastrings says:

    jesus christ, the camera is beast!

  2. Razorblade2511 says:

    I didn’t realise this was JX23 as I only looked at the video title nothing else. Then, I was like, hey this dude really sounds like JX23 😛

  3. Ferenc László says:

    got my new wallpaper! Thank you 🙂

  4. Jacob Ashcroft says:

    where is this place you take all of your photos

  5. exstlunitic says:

    A documentary!! that sounds pretty friggin sweet my son! This is just one more example of why i said your the coolest most real youtuber. As a fan, i would love alittle behind the scenes of JX 🙂 Best of luck mate and lookin forward to the finished project!

    p.s. just wondering but woudl this be one big film like thing or uploaded in parts? thx!

  6. LC6C says:

    decent pictures wow!

  7. Rhys Williams says:

    Those are some proper quality shots mate you photography boist!

  8. Hello6761 says:

    Love low shutter speed.

  9. JacksFugueMind says:

    Wish I could afford a camera like that 🙁

  10. dukeroyals2012 says:

    You should post star pics once you get the chance.

  11. iJAARS says:

    you thought his name was jamie??? what the heck? lol you silly monkey xD

  12. Gangrel115 says:

    should we call you JohnEx23 now? lol only kidding, sweet pics man!

  13. joshhyM1994 says:

    Best way to do this is to where black so you don’t appear as a blur in the back ground. I got the 1100D i love it 😀 gonna get the 60D next year 😀

  14. bmxboy20 says:

    there amazing!

  15. HAYDNBBH says:

    Do countryside/nature shots 🙂

  16. KevinCrisps says:

    you can see the star trails over a really long shutter speed which makes an interesting photo

  17. YukalayleeGames says:

    Holy frick its the talk talk advertisement.

  18. MrAdammurphy1993 says:

    Your a beast!

  19. ipodceiling says:

    I like the light painting ‘Jon’ (unless it says something else and I’m stupid)

  20. A Soggy Poppadom says:

    Got some nice pics there J (:

  21. TheRedArmy1992 says:

    Awesome camera, how much did it cost you J?

  22. Chris Langan says:

    I feel like a bad sub now I always thought your name was Jamie cause you shorten Jamie to J or jay

  23. TheIc3ninja says:

    North wales is mint for star pictures, but its probaly a bit too far for you

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