Canon 600d T3i manual exposure for dslr video

Canon 600d T3i manual exposure for dslr video

A hands on tutorial in setting manual exposure for video on the Canon 600d T3i. This lesson looks at setting aperture, ISO, and shutterspeed to control expos…

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25 Responses to Canon 600d T3i manual exposure for dslr video

  1. repentandbebaptized says:

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

  2. Darrin Taylor says:

    yes thank you , that was useful

  3. TechInside says:

    Can someone explain to me shutterspeed in video. .i dont understand why he
    cant raise or lower the shutterspeed

  4. Terlingua James says:

    Thanks Man !

    Best regards from Germany :)

  5. JasonJGallant says:

    I don’t use filters when I am in high light situations, I just raise the
    shutter speed and it works fine. What are your thoughts on this? 

  6. ClareAbreyPhotography says:

    Really useful thank you!! What does shutter speed mean in relation to
    video? How would raising the shutter speed effect the appearance of the

  7. Niklas Nieminen says:

    Great tutorial! I’m actually a film-maker, making small jobs and such, but
    seeing how to make the most out of my camera is really helpful!

  8. Andy Parsons says:

    Hi silly question. I understand you talked through why the shutter speed
    should be at 50 (48). But would it actually make any difference regarding
    the light if this was higher or lower in video mode?

  9. Abby S. Colina Díaz says:

    Thank you very much, you actually solved (and taught me) a bunch of stuff
    of my camera that I had no idea, specially the whole holding the AV button
    while doing other stuff.
    Thanks again :D

  10. mauricio santamaria says:

    Nice tutorial, thanks a lot!!!!

  11. Americasian Productions says:

    Thank you so much! Realized I was shooting in Manual exposure as if it was
    Auto…. Grainy footage no more! This video forever changed our footage!
    Thank you so much!

  12. 0aintseennothingyet0 says:

    Very useful thanks

  13. Francisco García Martínez says:

    Thank you!!

  14. Extuder says:

    Hey Dave, what’s that thing around the LCD screen? Just curious, and I
    actually think it looks cool, hehe.

  15. Caitlin Gilliland says:

    Anyone else wondering why there’s a Kate Middleton head?

  16. Roy Baker says:

    great video very help full and clear thanks.

  17. coldmage says:

    Great info. This is a huge!

  18. Macho M says:

    great tutorial! I have a question tho, I am a aspiring film maker, you
    mentioned that the shutter speed is usually twice the amount of the FPS for
    a nice film look…so if came across the same lighting problem and raise the
    shutter speed, how badly would it mess up my scene? Also, can I get more
    information on the filters you used? Thanks for a very informative vid!

  19. Mārtiņš Markss says:

    Thank you !

  20. Mylena Xavier says:

    Great video. Definitely helped me understand my light setting and how to
    manipulate them correctly. Thank you :)

  21. Keith Ammons says:

    thank you that was very helpful sir.

  22. Andrew Rozario says:

    BRO!!! U r The Best …… Love you …. I Learn a lot of important things
    U cover in your video ….. again I wanna know about the filter …. Can
    you give me the name or model .. plz 

  23. Janderson Santana says:

    |You vídeos tutorial are prety awesome!!! Do you saw something about RAW
    vídeo on T3i? Look for, is good. If you email-me i pass a vídeo for you. You´ve helped me a lot. I´ve just buyed a T3i 2
    weeks ago and your vídeos are helping me a looooooooottt!!!! TKS!!

  24. Benjamin Lemay says:

    That tutorial changed my life. Thank you

  25. Merina2222 says:

    All your tutorials are wonderful, thank you. 

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