Can people really photograph badly?

Question by Jon G: Can people really photograph badly?
I look in a mirror and think I look good. Get told I look good, but every time I look at a photo of me. I just don’t think I look good. Can someone actually photograph poorly? or is that just a bad excuse, and I am actaully that ugly?

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Answer by olderwiser100a
yes, one can photograph poorly. i know i can 🙂 but the reality of it is, unless it is a professional photograph, very few of us think we look good in pictures.

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  1. Nancy says:

    I photograph poorly, but I look better in person.
    I’m also a photographer. Most of the time people just aren’t in a warm light that flatters them.
    I also feel that attractiveness is in the live personality, rather than a picture.

    On the other hand, I used to do online dating. I met a guy who only had one picture on his profile. He was nothing like his picture. Boy was I disappointed. HA!

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