Camera settings for concert?

Question by Brandon: Camera settings for concert?
Hey guys!

I am going to a concert this weekend and need help figuring out what the best settings I should have on my camera in order to take the best pictures at a concert inside (dark, stage lights, etc.)

I have a fujifilm finepix s2700hd

I’m not really familiar with settings, but need some suggestions as to what to do!

Thanks so much!

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Answer by jonal
Those cameras are not great for concerts but you’ll get some usable shots.
the metering especially isn’t callibrated for stage lighting, as with almost any autometering camera.
You’ll need to find out what the camera can do.
Long job but then you know the camera…
Manual focusing set at infinity
ISO set at 200 or above. In low light set the ISO higher but the higher it is the more noise you get on the pics.
Set aperture to F4
Set shutter speed to 1/60th
Take trial shots…
Now change the shutter speed..1/125th or higher
Take trial shots again
If the pics are too dark increase the ISO.
If too light, decrease it.
If the pics are too noisy that way set the shutter speed lower. so you can use a lower ISO setting

When you have the trial shots sorted with various combos of aperture shutter and ISO you know the limitations of your camera in that concert.
That is, you know what you’re working with. That’s the first step to becoming a proficient camera user.
Know the camera..Spend time learning what it can do.
Or…if you don’t want to do the work involved in becoming a proficient user just set Shutter priority with the shutter on 1/125th , high ISO and accept that the camera will get a lot of shots wrong.
It can’t think. It’s a machine.
But you don’t have to think either. Just point and shoot.
Some shots will be OK.
To get most shots OK don’t trust camera meters in concert lighting.
They are not designed for that and the programs that control them cannot actually think and realise that the scene in front of them is a concert.
Only you know that…and only you know the style and character of the photographs you want from that concert. control the camera for good pictures that suit your style , not just let the camera make the picture it tells you to have.
Some cameras are no good at concerts and some are too risky to take if you want to keep them.
Be very careful taking an expensive camera to a concert…..
Some very cheap old ones are very good though.
See on here…

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