Camera settings at night?

Question by JASON M: Camera settings at night?
I just bought a cannon A640 for a trip I’m taking to Universal Orlando Halloween Horror Nights. I can program a few custom settings into my camera. What do you think would be the best settings to setup?

It has a lot of options.

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Answer by Edwin
Maybe set the ISO to 800 and use Night Scenes. The flash will probably fire.

Time to review your Owner’s Manual in case you’ve forgotten something.

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  1. nikonfotos100 says:

    I am not sure what Halloween Horror Nights is and what type of event it is but here is an alternative to shooting normal shots.

    First you will have to have a camera that you can set to “M” (manual) exposure, have a sturdy tripod (if you do not have a tripod you can use a bag of sand, rice, kitty litter anything that the camera can rest on and stay stable), if you do not have a cable release then you can use the “Self Timer”. Set your camera at ISO 100, manual mode, go for a 5″ sec exposure to start at F~5.6. or F~8 (I do not know the camera you are using but one of those should be there). Take a look at your image on the back and if looks good continue if not so good adjust your settings. If you go to long of an exposure on digital cameras you will get “Noise” little white specs that look like it is snowing and that is no good.

    You can also place a piece of black electrical tape over your flash to prevent it from firing if it is affecting your photos.

    Hope that helps,

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