Camera Preset Buttons: A Faster Way to Reset Your Settings

Have you ever had to move between 3-5 different environments and maintain consistent exposure and color among each scene? Many photographers move between sev…
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20 Responses to Camera Preset Buttons: A Faster Way to Reset Your Settings

  1. fielding68 says:

    Go to Canon. My 5d mark ii already has three memory settings, which i use constantly.

  2. igetsmart says:

    My solution is to use Sony RX1 and Sony NEX 7 – they are so light you can just have them hanging around the neck – so use the big body DSLR with the 70-200 2.8 which is a must always – can also have two Sony NEX 7s – one with the 16mm 2.8 for group shots and general wider angle shots and then the other NEX7 with 50mm 1.8 ( or now soon the 35mm 1.8 ) –
    I am tempted to just shoot mostly with the smaller body’s – so I will put down the big DSLR now and then. Can also use the Olympus OMD 5

  3. Melanie Ann says:

    I have this on my Nikon D300s A-D custom settings. I’m really a newbie to this SLR camera so I’m not sure what your asking? But I’m happy I came across your site, I subscribed.

  4. George GP says:

    ¿Which lens was on your D700?

  5. George GP says:

    The nikon D7000 has two of those settings…

  6. Juan Miller says:


  7. Andy Christensen says:

    your cam are low on battery dude!

  8. Miken2341 says:

    the D7000 have U1 U2 and well M
    but this would be so epic

  9. L3sny Dziad says:

    Sony Alpha 700, 850 and 900 has 3 custom, manual modes for years 😀

  10. exiledpixie says:

    my d7000 has u1 and u2 >;] but this vid was made before the release of the camera
    although i really like the idea you had for the vertical grip battery cord for speedlights. that would be the most useful thing ever, i find i go through batteries far too quickly.

  11. Roland Zygmunt says:

    nikon d7000 has it. (…u1, u2)

  12. vlad2101 says:

    My 7D has that already!

  13. nate42nd says:

    C1, C2 and C3 on my 7D does this great. Right on the top dial.

  14. blueyedparadise says:

    You may have the buttons, but you’re still standing there holding a Sony.
    I’d take the settings hassle any day as long as I got Nikon quality.
    This feature would be fabulous if the sun and clouds would be still. What looks great at “this” shutter speed and that “f-stop” at 4:00 might still need readjusting at 4:45 when you get back outside and it’s overcast where it was once sunny. So, convenient preset button or not, you’re still tweaking settings.

  15. Anthonyissactsang says:

    Great idea, indeed very essential for professional photographers.

  16. Rome Wilkerson-Photography says:

    So funny I was talking about the same thing to a other photographer just today. That would be amazing problem is if it’s done it will go to the low end models first. Like 1080p on the d3100 but not on the D3s

  17. sam ruddell says:

    where do i get one of those clear lcd covers for a T2i or T1i

  18. jottrich says:

    Yupp, Sony A700 has it too. 3x and i am lovin it!

  19. Niclas Lundin says:

    My Sony Alpha A850 has that function, I have 3 presettings that I can change to what ever I want 🙂

  20. Thomas Lechner says:

    hahahaa- it exists already!!!! my old canon 40d had 3 custom modes – there you can set all your settings in the mode you like – then quickly save it to one of the 3 banks and get it everytime you want with just a quick spin of the mod dial =)

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