Camera Gazer – How To Photograph Fireworks

Today’s video is all about how to photograph fireworks, these essential tips will help you out with getting the best images possible. === SOCIAL http://logic…
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8 Responses to Camera Gazer – How To Photograph Fireworks

  1. LogicLounge says:

    Are you going to be taking photos of fireworks this evening? If so, here’s
    some ESSENTIAL tips that you should know –

  2. Zach Pozniak says:

    Very different and creative video! Good job!

  3. techchase101 says:

    Very true

  4. superzizoproductions says:

    First comment , first like , first view, last to get layed

  5. Fox Mamba says:

    Thanks for the great tips. Too bad I worked on fourth of july, but will use
    these tips for other times.

  6. oolong2 says:

    Don’t use a camera phone unless you have a Lumia 920 😛

  7. Paul Madden says:

    Great job, thanks.

  8. brandon randall says:

    What about with just a plain camcorder, do i leave it on auto?

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