business name for family event planning business?

Question by : business name for family event planning business?
My family wants to have our own family event planning business. We do all kinds of events from birthday parties to weddings and quinces and showers. any kind event you have we can do it. we also, do photography, have singers for special occasions and graphic designers all in our family. now all we need is a name for it. any ideas? i thought of A Family affair but not sure if thats good or not. help!

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Answer by Hussain
Use the family surname. Or if thats not so marketable, use like a middle name of some family member. If you want your family business to seem like a wholesome family business, then it should have a name like that. A family affair doesn’t really explain what your business is about. Try (as I said before) any marketable middlename/surname with a word like events(or an synonym of events) . Strange names only work on the web (yahoo, google, etc) .

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