Best foundation for photographs?

Question by Basil: Best foundation for photographs?
I’m looking for a foundation that photographs well. I have clear skin and, except for some redness, pretty even tone.

Also, the more affordable the better.
I’d really like a specific brand that looks well when photographed. I already know the basics of foundations.

Best answer:

Answer by Ally
I suggest a consealer for the redness. goes on great and will act as a disguise all day. I would go will a powder or liquid (whatever you prefer) that is a tone darker than your own. If it’s too light you will look ghostly. If you have naturally dark skin go for your regular tone.

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2 Responses to Best foundation for photographs?

  1. Jamie Fox says:

    They have a foundation just for photographs. I believe its called photo ready makeup. not sure though. you can buy it drug stores. look for the commercial on tv.

  2. laurenn says:

    Make Up Forever’s HD foundation does exactly that, I’d highly recommend it. Although it is awfully expensive around $ 40.

    NARS Sheer Glow is also another favorite of mine for flawless skin. It’s also pricey at $ 42.

    Clinique’s Superbalanced foundation is also great. The first thing I noticed about it is what an amazing job it does at covering all discoloration with such little product. It’s a lot cheaper at $ 21 and currently my favorite.

    When looking for a foundation that photograph’s well avoid SPF at all costs. That’s what makes you look very pale and washed out. Contouring with some bronzing powder and a highlight also does wonders for photographs.

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