AUTO FP OR SMALLER APERTURE? Nikon sb-900 If you enjoy my photography related videos please post them on your facebook…

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21 Responses to AUTO FP OR SMALLER APERTURE? Nikon sb-900

  1. 5705Seahorse says:

    Hi Dom. I’m just discovering Auto FP and would like to see you explain the
    reason for using Auto FP. For portraits with off camera flash it allows you
    to use a wide aperture to throw the background out of focus. Also I
    photographed my daughter against a setting sun and got a really dramatic
    effect using 1/8000th shutter speed. Of course it will also freeze motion
    such as water droplets. BTW I love your tutorials and have learnt a lot
    from them. 

  2. Christopher Dunn says:

    Great instruction videos Dom, The main reason I use the Fp mode, is for
    keeping a wide aperture of say 2.8 for portrait work outside but keeping
    the ambient light low

  3. Jpbyob02 says:

    Is that a d700 with the 10.5mm 2.8? how does it work on fx?

  4. Dombowerphoto says:

    @tony77tony77 what?

  5. Dombowerphoto says:

    @baba321123 you dont use fp to lower the flash power you use it to help
    control the ambient light with a higher shutterspeed withough having to
    resort to stopping down the aperture.

  6. Sokra81 says:

    @Sokra81 Yay… so I was right but not sure if it was for the right

  7. Dombowerphoto says:

    @Jpbyob02 auto crops to the centre

  8. tony77tony77 says:

    can u do a video on what do the “F” do and mean and how or when to use it
    on the flash?

  9. KAYABA2007 says:

    Amazing…Thanks …

  10. Sokra81 says:

    Ok, this is just a guess before watching the results: I’d imagine it’d
    better to close down the aperture because of the way the FP mode works, it
    in a way “wastes” light being on when the shutter curtain is partly open.
    Will comment more after watching the rest :p

  11. baba321123 says:

    The question is, do you use FP dom? If i’m going to reduce power in the
    flash, i’d rather just go commander mode reduce the power of the flashes
    and keep the shutter @ the max 200 or 250th for d300

  12. MasivSam says:

    Why Is There Tape?

  13. Lov3fm says:

    is the auto fp mode a;ready set soon as the flash is switched on ??

  14. Jim Oates says:

    Sweet! You actually helped me understand half the shutter speed and double
    the aperture gives the same picture. Not talking depth of field just what
    you showed us. i.e. light into the camera. I’m an engineer so love these
    kinds of facts. It’s something I can understand and use in the future. As
    always mate. Thanks for doing these vids. I used to have a Sony point and
    press and moved up to a Canon 7D a few weeks ago. Huge difference and the
    learning curve is huge but it’s great fun. Cheers Jim

  15. jonty kilpatrick says:

    With the SB 900 you can flash at any speed and just keep the aperture

  16. Dombowerphoto says:

    @Lov3fm custom menu setting, go to flash and bracketing menue, then it is
    in flash sync choice.

  17. Dombowerphoto says:

    @Lov3fm its a setting in the camera that you have to set first

  18. jamesryanphoto says:

    Set the flash to m mode and set it to 1/4 then set your aperture for
    correct exposure on the subject. Now use shutter to lighten or darken

  19. WavelinerMDMA says:

    Why don’t you make commercials for Nikon but for Canon?

  20. fateless78 says:

    hey dom you could do this with the window open to avoid reflection. we
    could see the effect on the outside background better i guess 🙂 but i
    think the result wouldnt be different 🙂 thx for the video

  21. Lov3fm says:

    @Dombowerphoto how do i set my d90 and sb900 to use fp mode off camera ??

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