Aperture Science Customizable Portal Device Replica Kit

Aperture Science Customizable Portal Device Replica Kit

Visit http://necaonline.com or https://www.facebook.com/necaofficial for more information on our growing Portal line. This Customizable Portal Device replica…
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25 Responses to Aperture Science Customizable Portal Device Replica Kit

  1. Matt Beck says:

    Are the magnets removable?

  2. lewis williams says:

    y u discontinue 

  3. loric loppi says:


  4. Brandon Stiltner says:

    2 tell ya the truth i already put 1 of these on my Christmas list.

  5. electricdonkey says:

    I’m thinking of buying it, could someone please tell me if it’s good or

  6. Colonel_Ballsack says:

    i actully just got the same one it is not dim in the dark and it makes
    noise on ebay it is $119

  7. Daniel Lepiarz says:

    But one thing is still missing … GLaDOS Potato

  8. shadowmik9 says:

    im still waiting for my limeted edition one 🙁

  9. Cristina Madoch says:

    3 “C” batteries

  10. nukertete says:

    This song will give someone a seizure

  11. CheeseburgerMann says:

    Christmas, here i fucking come for this awesome thing

  12. shadowmik9 says:

    hey adn the lights on the limeted are way way brighter

  13. The Lego Engineer says:


  14. SuperShatteredblade says:

    Okay, I’ll eat the operational end of the device

  15. roguevideos5 says:

    Yay thinkgeek got a bunch more and I bought one!!

  16. Rogway says:

    I wish, the original 3 were pure plastic. I doubt a cheaper one would be
    any different

  17. tyler clem says:

    i have one

  18. elquecomentavids says:

    Aww man, too ad im poor

  19. CheeseburgerMann says:

    And me*

  20. Turquoise Rift says:

    Mine is on it’s way 😀 Should be here Saturday. 😀 😀 😀

  21. isaiah sucre says:

    I need it

  22. Caztastic1 Gaming says:

    It’s November.

  23. MrDevastator13 says:


  24. TrustHax says:

    I recently tweeted Neca and they said that this customisable version is
    just as bright as the original, maybe it was just something to do with the
    lighting of the video…

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