Any tips on taking quality pictures with a 8 mega pixel camera?

Question by covertcode: Any tips on taking quality pictures with a 8 mega pixel camera?
I need to take tons of nice professional looking pictures for a website. I don’t have experience taking pictures therefore, any tips and ideas will help. Thanks!

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Answer by masticina
It isn’t about the number of megapixels not even the type of camera.

There have been great pictures made with simple VGA celphone cameras. For the same reason that holding a big expensive camera doesn’t automatically makes you make top pictures.

Because it isn’t about that it is about you, the photographer, the person behind the camera.

Ask yourself what makes a picture good? Why is a picture you find good good? What makes that picture interresting?

Photography is called painting with light for a reason, the same rules and ideas apply. The same basic understand of what we humans like to see, what works and what doesn’t works.

This is the art of photography and this is not something you can just learn in a day. If you want to make better pictures you have to take a photography course. You need the experience and understanding behind what makes things good.

You can start though with buying books about photography and don’t try to learn to fast. Subjects like Composition and Color take weeks to learn well. But read through the booklets, learn about what is seen as good photography and apply it on your own photography.

The next step and that is why I say get on a photocourse is that you have to show your pictures. And be ready for the critique!

I am sorry if you need top photos for a website soon then hire a professional. If you self want to be able to do it expect about 6 months the least before your photography improves so far that you really know when to shoot and when to wait for a better moment.

You’ll find that as you improve your shooting style you actually shoot less pictures. Because you shoot a higher percentage right at the first try.

Much luck wishes 🙂

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