Any photography tips?

Question by : Any photography tips?
I’m really interested in photography and I’d love some tips because I’m an amateur

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Answer by Eliot K
1) Hang out with a professional for six months

2) Take classes given by your local PPA affiliate.

3) Big name teachers who advertise master classes all over the world are not good teachers.

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  1. Ted Pack says:

    Take about half your pictures in landscape mode, half portrait. Some people NEVER turn their camera sideways.

    Take pictures of people at their eye level. That means squatting for children, stooping for short people, and standing on a chair for NBA stars.

    Read a couple of guides for beginners. Your library should have some.

    Study the good photographers. That means reading National Geographic every month if you are interested in travel photography, Vogue if you are interested in fashion photography, and so on.

  2. Kelly says:

    Use A Tripod, And A Camera That Minimizes Vibration Or Your Hand(s) Shaking…

  3. Perki88 says:

    Read your manual, try every setting, read the manual again. Surround yourself with others more knowledgeable and more creative than yourself.

  4. Rashaan Kimberly says:

    Take a picture of something everyday

  5. deep blue2 says:

    Join a local camera/photography club.
    Learn about exposure, lighting & composition.
    Practice what you learn.

  6. Andrew says:

    Here is a huge tips and tricks to make your photography a head turner in the industry. This has been the most recommended source for people who want to grow their photography.

    This is also taught by a professional.

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