All about aperture

All about aperture

All about aperture.

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  1. RiverWayEnt says:

    The told us in photography class to look at it like this…if the camera is
    set to F22 it takes 22 of that size hole to equal the entire lens. F8 would
    be 8 of that hole size to equal the entire lens. So you know at F1.4 the
    lens is almost all the way open. 1.4 of that size hole would be the entire
    lens. Hope this helps someone. Still kind of confusing but it helped me

  2. Vinay Shetty says:

    Its so beautifully explained with graphical presentation, that it helped me
    (struggling for quite a long time now to know the meaning and its effect)
    to understand in such a simple human explanation…………thanks

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