10 Photography Life Hacks You Need To Know

Here are 10 top tips that won’t cost you much money, and will make your (photography) life much better. Pricing Reference (Amazon): Egg Timer: http://amzn.to…
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25 Responses to 10 Photography Life Hacks You Need To Know

  1. HaxxtasticPvP says:

    How does nobody steal the camera

  2. DigitalRev TV says:

    10 Photography Life Hacks that are really rather useful to know – click the
    link to watch the video:: 10 Photography Life Hacks You Need To Know

  3. Angie p says:

    how the hell is his nikon pink

  4. Dennis Jozefowicz says:

    #10 BRILLIANT! Who knew? LOL

  5. Travis Kraft says:

    You look like Chito Miranda. 

  6. WooHooDuke says:

    Hyperlapse with an egg-timer is quite clever!

  7. Jose De Andrés says:

    I have the grip! Awesome! 2000 shots whitout charge!

  8. WolfOfAspen says:

    great video. i just posted a video of my photography. Go check it out guys.

  9. Alborz Azizpour says:


  10. frans bismania says:

    using plastic cup as a lenshood :D

  11. hankypanky4u says:

    I lost mine months ago…………..

  12. Pedro Malheiros Rodrigues says:

    These lessons are very good but hard to learn, since I know this guy in
    testing the Canon DSLR and Lens , but I like putting the head these very
    difficult lessons, best practice is best .
    Kind Regards from Portugal
    Pedro Malheiros Rodrigues
    Chaves – You Tube channel – I do very shaky cellphone videos!

  13. Jonathan Ciawy Tay says:

    “Photoshop has the ability to remove tourists without resorting to guns”
    That cracked me up 😀 And the tourist photo pose! Okay, I’m going to
    subscribe to this channel not just because it’s useful but also because
    it’s funny. 

  14. Kyle Waldkirch says:

    Does any one know what camera he used

  15. Marco Lavagnini says:

    #photographytips #hacks #tricks 

  16. Richard Mauro Ricchiuti says:

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  17. Shaaldiel Tapiador says:

    Haha chito miranda..hnd nmn niya alam kung sino yun

  18. serendipityuk says:

    Magic lantern??

  19. Rob says:

    00:35 wet myself laughing. 

  20. 800lb Gorilla says:

    This is retarded.. mem cards in the body/lens cap? Yeah, let’s throw in
    one more variable that could cause them to fail. Maybe fine for your
    holiday snaps but not for a working photographer who relies on his kit to
    work and his images to eat.

    And a Speedlite/Speedlight can trigger off a flash? How is that a hack?

    Battery door cover fits into the grip attachment? That’s in the manual

  21. Dragonhammer Soulbreath says:

    what was the point of the welder’s glass filter if you just change it back
    to normal?

  22. KidsWithGuns1992 says:

    Holy shit the battery grip one is genius! I’m always shitted off with
    putting the little flap in my bag, it’s so small it’s easy to loose. Now I
    have that! Siiiiiiq

  23. DorkieAsianTv says:

    how old is kai?

  24. Rene Nortje says:

    very cool
    10 Photography Life Hacks You Need To Know

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