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ShutterFest 2017 – It’s Never Too Early to Plan for Next Year!

by Skip Cohen Okay, I get that it’s May and April, 2017 seems so far away, but this is one of those “you snooze – you lose” blog posts. If you haven’t been to ShutterFest, Sal Cincotta and the team … Continue reading

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Portal is Free (Well, it was – now it’s just a good deal).

Steam for the Mac has been released, and Aperture Science couldn’t be happier. Since May 12th, millions of new recruits have poured into the Aperture Science… Video Rating: 4 / 5

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It’s all about the Jaw!

Want to look more photogenic or photograph people looking more photogenic? Peter Hurley explains how he accentuates the jawline of his clients with a few sim… Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Portrait photography at it’s best.

Time passes and it is important to have lasting mementos, we can do this by looking at special photographs that will provoke happy and reminiscent memories. Photography portraits of children, animals and pets will be something to treasure as time … Continue reading

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Why It’s Important To Understand Your Camera’s F-Stop Setting

Modifying the correct aperture setting for every specific image is one of the toughest aspects of capturing photos, however it’s also one of the most significant. Whilst many newbie photographers simply use the automatic camera setting which is provided, a … Continue reading

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