Optimum Camera Settings for D-SLR’s

Gary Fong explains how to get more accurate images by making changes to your camera settings.
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23 Responses to Optimum Camera Settings for D-SLR’s

  1. Jimmie Lee says:

    I have a finepix S3400 camera,
    & I would like to know what the
    AE BKT EV STEPS are &
    how to set them for good results.

  2. Juan Dela Cruz says:

    awesome. thanks for this video.

  3. Maxsdiscos says:

    What if you don’t edit, should you use a neutral profile then?

  4. b spesti says:

    This only works if you’re using the software from the manufacturer. I use a
    5D and can set it any way I like but once the images are loaded into
    Aperture3 the program does what it does and you have to work from there.
    Just a thought . . .

  5. RyBack says:

    @ALPHADESIGNTAMPICO Excelente explicación, gracias amigo

  6. rekez2 says:

    thank you good advice.

  7. cigarobsession says:

    Pros should be using raw in the first place making this a completely moot

  8. RyBack says:

    por favor me gustaría ver este video en español. Gracias.

  9. BZfavs says:

    Fantastic!!!! I had to get my camera out and check the settings, I had it

  10. fortboyard1234 says:

    Wow! always made my pictures, didnt mind about the over saturation, but now
    I’ve set it down, pictures look more natural! 🙂 Thanks for your advice!

  11. 2Cool4Games says:

    Thank you man!

  12. Barky Von Schnauzer says:

    Ah! what a fool I am. Thanks GF.

  13. ktahavefun1 says:

    Thanks for the advice Gary !

  14. ALPHA DESIGN Creative Studio says:

    @r319 Porque puedes aumentar el contraste de una imagen todo lo que quieras
    pero no puedes disminuirlo si la imagen esta con mucho contraste o

  15. SerJahPhoto says:

    Great tip, thanks.

  16. takeme2urmac says:

    Great tip! Thank you! 🙂

  17. meltdownman1 says:

    Note: the image displayed on the back of your Canon camera’s screen is
    always in JPEG format even if you are shooting RAW.

  18. jump2142 says:

    Where is this setting on Nikon

  19. Benjamin Sendrow says:

    Does anyone know what is on the videos labeled private, and why they are
    private? Thanks!

  20. captainkanji says:

    Raw FTW!

  21. ALPHA DESIGN Creative Studio says:

    @r319 En si lo que dice es que al comprar una camara no te fies de las que
    se ven con mayor contraste porque las empresas se lo aumentan para que veas
    la foto mas padre pero si aumentas mucho el contraste los colores empiezan
    a parecerse los mismos (Cuando puso los cuadros de colores y el rojo y el
    naranja se hicieron del mismo tono) Entonces lo que el te dice es que
    cambies la configuración de contraste a ceros (0,0,0,0) para que después en
    la compu puedas mejorar el contraste 🙂

  22. edwardwalsh1959 says:

    Thank you for the video. I wonder if it is worth it to set ALL the settings
    to 0? Or would that create more work in post than needed?

  23. Nabil Stendardo says:

    @cigarobsession Right on. Many pros (and advanced amateurs like myself) use
    raw files only. So any setting you will choose on your camera will only
    impact the embedded preview, because raw files have exactly what the sensor
    captured (all the rest is metadata).

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