Concerns with Quality of Fujifilm GF Lenses

Fuji 110mm f2 Lens Debris

Thanks to the recent Fujifilm rebates, I have been able to expand my lens line-up for the Fuji GFX 50S that I have had the pleasure of shooting with ever since it came out. I am very impressed by the Fuji medium format system, especially its lens line-up, and I consider it to be ahead of its competition in a number of ways, as highlighted in my review. However, having gone through multiple lens samples of different lenses (which I will be reviewing in the next few weeks), I wanted to warn our readers of potential issues they should watch out for. While I am generally happy about lens variation of GF lenses and I am especially happy with their excellent performance, I am not a big fan of Fujifilm’s QA processes. It seems to me that Fuji is almost rushing with the GF lenses, trying to deliver as many units as possible to try to match the demand, while paying less attention to its manufacturing processes. I have already gone through multiple samples of a number of lenses, including the Fuji GF 63mm f/2.8 and Fuji GF 110mm f/2 and I have found debris between lens elements that is impossible to shake off or remove without having to send the lens to a Fuji service center.

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