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Wildlife Photography Lens and Camera Supports: Strap, Monopod, Tripod

These are some options for supporting medium size super telephoto lenses, for use while hiking. Video Rating: 5 / 5

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Street Photography Tips

Just thought I would show you guys a couple street photography tips from our last trip downtown when we were reviewing the Nikon D600. All of the photos in t…

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How good is Canon Powershot for taking pictures?

  The Canon PowerShot series of cameras are user-friendly. They are based on point-and-shoot technology. Available in an attractive range of colors, this series of cameras are just ideal for the beginners. They have a wide array of manual controls for … Continue reading

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Wildlife Photography Day

Wildlife Photography Day Join the Instagram trend and have some fun with this form of digital photography. This introductory course will be led by Andrew Lovesey, social media editor of Canadian Geographic. Participants will be given mini-assignments to shoot within … Continue reading

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How to set the aperture size in photography?

It can be said that setting the aperture value is a very important part in photography basic techniques. Before pressing the shutter, we must first observe the lighting conditions and shooting environments to set the reasonable aperture value according to … Continue reading

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