[♪] Portal – Dumb Ways To Die

[♪] Portal - Dumb Ways To Die

A Portal parody of the song, ‘Dumb Ways To Die’ by Tangerine Kitty. Original song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IJNR2EpS0jw Behind The Scenes: http://www.y…

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25 Responses to [♪] Portal – Dumb Ways To Die

  1. Zacharias Backues says:

    I’m still waiting for HL3

  2. Sky Gamers says:


  3. kirbyintron says:

    They should release Portal 3, Half Life 3 and TF3 all in the VCC3 Box
    (Valve Can Count to 3).

  4. JoePlaysGames says:

    See if you had a portal on your head. What if you were flexable and put
    your body through that portal… Do you end up on the other side or do you
    collapse into nothing?

  5. deadlynicky says:

    I am sorry to ask but what did you use to create this? I was thinking SFM
    but seems not…maybe flash?

  6. Xander Da Overlord says:

    Half Life 3 Wating Death, LOL

  7. Dovah Kiin says:

    Don’t mean to be a dick, but the Operational end one wouldn’t work because
    your face isn’t moon rocks…

  8. Peter Kristo says:

    What did you use for your voice?

    Now watch as this comment gets a billion dislikes for something obvious.

    But seriously, how?

  9. Bryn Macaulay says:

    Based on the signs indicating depth that appear during the line “fall out
    of a test-chamber” I was able to work out that the falling test subject was
    about 100m tall. And the potato was about 17m tall. Yikes.

  10. Aleksandar Nikodinovski says:

    I know this have nothing do to with this but, i was making LOTS of
    Minecraft animation, but i lost them all. :(

  11. BlueProgBoneZ says:

    Half-Life 3 :D

  12. sparkie1j says:

    lamp is transparent at 2:34

  13. Planet Awesome 11 says:

    wait a while for half life 3

  14. Kittydoc Eghbal says:

    It’s not called a crusher… It’s called a mashy-spike-plate

  15. Sergesh Dimitri says:

    so damn true, I gonna die waiting for Half Life 3.

  16. AgentZeata says:

    I was expecting the chorus to be

    “The cake is a lie.
    The caaaaake is a lie.
    The cake is a li-i-i-iiiiie!
    The cake is a lie.”

  17. yerk55 says:


  18. Lofote says:

    You can actually get killed by the lasers in Portal 2? I thought you were
    just pushed away.

  19. Axel Eriksson says:

    the one on 1:29 would not work

  20. evfan13 says:

    Why do i keep getting the Geico ad with the cat and the motivational poster
    whenever I watch this video?

  21. Ham Splosion says:

    lol Harry deleted my friend request on Steam

  22. ccgj2010 says:

    Suddenly, I’m wanting to see if I can get Chell to shoot a portal at
    herself… after I get the game…

  23. skullcrushers1000 says:

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  24. Kibate says:

    It must be fun working at aperture science

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